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How do you stay balanced?

In the current period of time, when society looks a bit different and the past couple of months where different due to working from home and closed schools, it is not easy to keep working on your CEVAfit. Staying balanced physically, mentally, at work and at home requires a different approach, a mind shift and other activities than usual. CEVA Logistics wants to help you do this in a healthy and responsible way. Check out one of the following themes! BodyMind, Heart, Work & Home. 

It is almost time for summer vacation! The corona crisis will make the coming months look different from what we are used to. Some still go on holiday abroad, others choose a holiday in their own country or stay at home. Check out our tips to stay fit this summer too!

Physically in balance?

Staying at home ≠ sitting inside

Catch a breath of fresh air at your balcony or in your garden 
Make sure that you take in day light at least 30 minutes a day

Do your sports at home, if possible outside 
A lot of sport clubs (from yoga to the gym and team sports) provide online classes. Try to participate with all the enthousiasm you have when you normally do sports. 
Try to do your home workout at your balcony or in your garden, the outside air helps you to workout even better!
No idea where or how to start? Check these home workouts!

Do you work in the WAREHOUSE?
Please take extra care of your hygiene, check this out! 

Do you work in the OFFICE or at HOME?
Do some exercises behind your desk or table, check this out!

A relaxed mind? 


A good way to improve your resistance both physically and mentally, is to relax. That sounds crazy right? However, it really works like that! By relaxing on a regulary basis, your autonomic nervous system will calm down. Wait, what..? 

Your autonomic nervous system determines if you are in the action or resting mode. Think about us as hunters and gatherers who are in a cave (resting mode, everything is safe) or outside of the cave (action mode, looking for food). Nowadays we are mainly in the action mode and we are under a lot of pressure. Because we do not press the pause button from time to time to go to the resting mode, our autonomic nervous systems becomes overloaded. When it is overloaded, this energy radiates to the rest of your body and therefore your resistance is deteriorated. In that way, our mind can make us feel worse physically. 
How do we get started? Read this!

-- Source: Werkatleet 


Enjoying your job is very important. After all, you spend a big part of your life at your work. Make sure that your work matches your interests, talent and who you are as a person. Only in that way you are able to fully develop yourself, which significantly increases your feeling of happiness.

Working with passion sounds kind of heavy, but this is not the case. Actually, it only comes down to having fun at work. Do you know why that is such a good thing? Because it gives you energy, more self confidence and it makes your life more meaningful. Next to that, you will be more motivated, more productive and more successful in your job. Besides, it helps you to deal with setbacks and stressful situations. Think about how you can have more fun at work and how to be an happier employee!

Learning and developing

We are all put through the test during this strange period of time. However, it provides us also opportunities, for example to develop ourselves. Or to learn something new. In an uncertain time like this, it is espacially good to work on your knowledge and skills. A lot of online platforms open their doors to bring learning to you. Do you want to know more? Please find more information over herer!


Join the team challenge! 

Rate my Team! 

Although it could be difficult, it is very important to stay connected with your colleagues and especially in these extraordinary times. How do you keep up the Team spirit? We are very curious!

Rate my (home?) Office!

A good workplace means that you can do your work in a good and healthy way. In these challenging times it could be extra difficult, from home or with adapted circumstances on site? Let's share some positive vibes from these special circumstances. We are curious!

  1. Take a Team / (Home) Office photo in which you or your team show how you have adapt to the new circumstances! (Needless to say, keep to the applicable measures.)
  2. Email your “Rate your Team / Office” selfie or photo to
  3. Maybe you will see yourself or your team in the upcoming InSite?


Just a chit-chat around the coffee machine or in the canteen is not possible now. Nevertheless, social contacts are extremely important. Make sure you have regular contact with your colleagues. This can be done at a distance from one another or from home by phone or via Skype. 

Home: Planning and full batteries

Smart planning 

Working on your fitness, health and vitality in these times can be difficult. When your partner and / or children are at home too, it may require some extra organization. It is certain that a good planning provides you with time and serenity. What is it what you do when making a planning? You think carefully and develop a plan step-by-step. Then you can stop thinking and simply implement your plan. That gives a lot of peace and control. It makes sense, but it really is a game changer if you're looking for more balance. The better you organize your life, the more you can handle. And the better you can deal with a setback or handle a stressful situation. But also planning does require practice. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Look for a simple example at Make your goals concrete and achievable to yourself (SMART). After all, small steps can lead to a greater result.

Recharge your batteries..

Listen and watch our CEVAfit Home webinar below!

Start your day with a guided meditation! You can definitely find something you like on YouTube or via your favorite Podcast app. Clear your mind.  And start with cleaning your home or workplace! 
Spring is in the air, what plans do you make for the upcoming bank holidays? Find the balance between things that you have to do and make time for things that you would like to do with your loved ones. Make a planning for the coming weeks!


CEVAfit Home webinar