Our culture

You can’t put a business culture into words—you have to experience it for yourself. With us, our business culture is based on four core values:

We drive perfection

At CEVA, we want to improve ourselves all the time. This ranges from setting up a whole new business process to making a small change on the work floor. Operational excellence means more to us than just a nice marketing term: everyone in our company is looking every day for ways to do things better.

We trust and respect people

We don’t only have respect for our customers and their products, but also for our employees. We ensure a safe working environment, make no concessions concerning our worth, and invest a great deal in our people. We want everyone in our company to be part of its success, so we give responsibility to everyone, including those at the lowest levels of our organization. 

We are passionate teamplayers

Alone, you won’t get far in logistics and certainly not when you work for CEVA. A logistics chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So we encourage cooperation between co-workers, actively sharing our knowledge and experience with each other. We even have regular get-togethers at our sites.

We have the power to deliver

At CEVA, we will never let a customer down. We want to live up to our reputation and we are willing to go the extra mile whenever necessary. We also offer you the space to create opportunities, both in your work and in your career. If you show initiative, anything is possible within our large (international) organization.

"This company is the ideal breeding ground for people with logistics in their DNA."

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