Trainee at CEVA? VP HR shares his story


Trainee at CEVA? Vice President HR shares his story

Five tips to make your ambitions comes true

I started my career 15 years ago as a trainee. For me this was a deliberate decision, I wanted to work for an international company where you would immediately get responsibility. That suits me, I was (and am) ambitious. If that’s the case, then you should be working in an environment where you you’re in control of your career. For me CEVA has exactly that culture. But how do you make sure that you really are in control of your own career? I give you 5 tips. 

1. You decide

As Trainee you get the opportunity to look around within the company. To find out what you really like and which elements give you energy. Stay curious! By asking questions you get to know more about other people and about the company. That way you keep learning and really get to know what position you would like to do next. 

2. Get out of the comfort zone

I agree, sometimes it is nice to keep doing things the way you always used to do. But, this does not always take you further in life. Make sure you come up with new solutions and dare to step forward with these initiatives. Not only you learn from that, we do as well! Our LEAN culture is central to CEVA, this means that continuous improvement is in our DNA. Is this the same for you as well?

3. Stay true to yourself

What defines you and what makes you happy? These questions will pop into mind when you’re looking for a suitable job. Make     decisions that suit you best and follow your heart. But.. Do challenge yourself! Doubt yourself, make mistakes and most importantly: learn. This is all part of the job. 

4. Take your time

Grant yourself the opportunity to learn. When you follow your ambitions, you’ll make it in the end. Even if this takes some more time than you prefer. Enjoy your career and make the most out of it. Try to do this day in, day out. Celebrate your successes. If you hurry to much there is a change you don’t truly master a skill. 

5. Learn from your colleagues

You can’t do everything yourself. Je need your colleagues to get the desired results. Together you’re a team, so keep learning from your colleagues. 20% of everything you learn is learning from others through a variety of activities like social learning, coaching and mentoring. Ask your colleagues for advice, learn from their qualities and most importantly: give and receive feedback. Only then you will position yourself in such a way that you can give your career a true boost. How far do you want to go?

Good luck!
Ralf de Wit (Vice President HR Benelux) 


At February 25 more information will follow about the Traineeship, which will start in September 2019. 

If you have any questions about the traineeship, please contact Jill Stegers via