Hands up for IT

24 februari 2017

One week before go-live - more and more managers from all over the world come into the office and walk around a little nervous. It seems like everyone who was involved in this project is here to provide support, set the final things straight and help prepare for what is coming.

One day before go-live - the management team has given a town hall meeting to provide the latest updates and encourage everyone for the next day. Everyone got a CEVA goody bag containing a CEVA t-shirt. We were asked to wear this CEVA t-shirt on the go-live date.

And then The Day is there - the day we have all been waiting for and worked (sometimes literally) day and night for. What at first was only a business case on paper in the beginning of 2016, has now become reality. Out of over 15,000 applicants and more than 2,000 interviews, 170 people have become part of CEVA in the past 6 months. With a total turnover of 2,8% of which only 1,1% was voluntary, I must say that we have done a good job. Especially if you keep in mind that the hiring managers recruited besides their jobs. And when you work in IT that is ongoing 24/7….

Result - At noon I ask one of the managers how things are going and he tells me it probably is going even better then he hoped for. No major issues and the teams are doing a great job.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of this amazing adventure. We did it! Hands up for all of you, for all your dedication, your enthusiasm and your support. And special thanks to all our new CEVA employees in Manila; you have made this happen by saying yes to CEVA and bringing in more people. 27% of the employees were referred by you guys.

I am very proud to be part of this project, to be part of CEVA!  

Ellie Veldhuis

  • HR Manager