New Year, New Goals

23 januari 2017

With a brand new year comes brand new goals. Time to do performance management if you look at it from HR perspective. Everything will come together in 2017! The whole IT team which we recruited in the past months will go live in February (HR is already live from the start of this project of course;-)). So, the honeymoon period will be over. The team will have to show what they got trained on for the past months. Everyone is excited and can’t wait to start, that is the energy you feel when you step into our office. That same energy was there when we had our Christmas Event. One of the most important holidays in the Philippines.

Due to some unlikely circumstances we had to do the event in our office instead of outside of the office. We had to be a little creative, but it turned into an amazing evening with a lot of laughter, karaoke singing of course and a silly game for the management team. 

My personal goals? I would like to have more balance between work and private life. Since I started this new challenge, I didn’t have much time for a private life. I love working hard and to work crazy hours every now and then that comes with a start up period. However, I believe the crazy days will be in the past now and it will be stabilizing more in the coming weeks. This will make it easier to get a better balance. Not that I am done here; not at all! My goal will be to create a strong, future proof HR department to handover when I go back home mid 2017 and there is still a lot to do!

Pauline Schut

  • Recruitment Officer