Working abroad part 2 - "Team"

18 november 2016

Ellie Veldhuis is 31 years old and has more than six years’ experience in Human Recourses with CEVA Logistics. After five years working for CEVA in the Benelux, she became the HR Business Partner at our Global Head Office (GHO) in 2015. A few months ago Ellie started a new challenge as HR Manager at CEVA in the Philippines. In the coming months Ellie will share her experiences with you on a regular basis. Stay informed on her journey at CEVA Logistics!

One Team
It’s time for a new update about my experiences in Manila (read the previous update here). I will tell you straight away: last month was challenging. It seems like everything has to be done at the same time: policies need to be written, payroll needs to be done, employee benefits needs to be adjusted, recruiting, job offers etc. And in the meantime there are employees that already started who have their general HR questions too. So you can imagine that there is plenty enough to do for me.

It is nice to have colleagues that help me out every now and then. Since we are also hiring part of the IT employees in Mexico to cover the different time zones, I have HR colleagues over there that are supporting the IT management with getting candidates in too. We never met before, but we setup a call and things are working out very well.  Amazing! I think that is typical CEVA too by the way. I experienced the same in my previous roles within CEVA; ask for help and hands will reach out to you.

How far do you want to go?
So far, I’ve made some nice career steps within CEVA. Do you also want to work for one of the biggest logistics service providers in the world? Check at our vacancies. I will keep you updated on my experiences in the next coming months. Will you also read my next update?


Pauline Schut

  • Recruitment Officer