CEVA Benelux is part of CEVA Logistics, a global player in logistics with more than 56,000 employees at more than 750 branches. In the Benelux there are more than 3,500 employees at 30 branches.

We believe that the right to privacy is important; the privacy of our job applicants, our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our other business contacts. For us, privacy means dealing with personal data in a respectful manner. We set the bar high and expect the same of all our employees, day after day. By proving this on an ongoing basis, we earn trust. And trust is for us a licence to operate.

As an organization, we need certain personal data from you in order to include you in the Recruitment & Selection procedure. You can be assured that your privacy is paramount when processing your personal data.

We promise:

  • to handle your personal data with care; you can be assured that your personal data is safe and secure with us and that we abide by the law;
  • only to process your personal data that are necessary to enable us to do our work;
  • not to keep your personal data for any longer than is permitted by law; and
  • only to use your personal data for the purpose for which you have given them.

This privacy statement sets out how we deal with your personal data, and what personal data of yours we process. This privacy statement applies to all of your data that we process as part of your job application procedure. The statement applies to all job applicants for CEVA Logistics in the Benelux.

1. Basis for processing:

For the purpose of taking on personnel, to offer externally those individuals seeking work in the labour market in the Benelux the opportunity to come and work for CEVA Logistics.

2. Who is responsible for processing your data?

CEVA Logistics Head office BV, CEVA Logistics Netherlands BV, CEVA Freight Holland BV, CEVA Freight Belgium NV, CEVA Ground Europe BVBA, CEVA Logistics Belgium NV

3. Where is your data stored?

  • CONNEXYS Holding B.V.
    K.P. van der Mandelelaan 68-70
    3062 MB Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
    K.P. van der Mandelelaan 68-70
    3062 MB Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Total Resource Solutions B.V.
    K.P. van der Mandelelaan 68-70
    3062 MB Rotterdam
    The Netherlands

4. Who are the data subjects? 

Anyone who submits a job application to CEVA Logistics in the Benelux.

5. Overview of the main processing activities

The processing of your personal data applies to the recruitment & selection procedure. The data we need from you are:

  • First name;
  • Surname;
  • Address;
  • Email address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Employment history;
  • Education history;
  • Other information as given in a Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter.

We use a range of properly secured systems for this and abide by the storage periods stipulated by law.

6. How are your data shared within CEVA Logistics?

  • Your data are stored in our Recruitment & Selection system. These data are based on the information in your CV, motivation letter and any assessment that has been completed.
  • Via this system, we may pass on your CV to colleagues who are involved in the application process. They will be able to view your details via the system throughout the entire application process. This period ends within 4 weeks of completing the recruitment process;
  • Your CV may be printed out in preparation for a job interview and to be used during the application procedure. After the application procedure we will destroy the printed versions.
  • Data will be used for a predetermined period, depending on your preference;
    • 1 year after completing the procedure. We use your data to see whether, with future vacancies, your profile matches the vacancy. Within one year you will receive an automatic email asking you whether we may keep your data in our system. If you do not agree, we will anonymize your data.
    • 4 weeks after completing the procedure. We use your data only for the current vacancy. Your data will be anonymized within 4 weeks of completing the procedure.
  • If you take up employment with us, your data will be passed on to our HR department where they will be stored in your file;
  • Your data will be anonymized for reporting purposes.

7. Sharing your data with third parties.

Third parties who may have access to the Personal Data will be limited to those who are involved in providing the service. In the case of Recruitment & Selection, this will be the Administrator of our Recruitment & Selection Application Tracking System.

It may occasionally happen that information has to be shared with colleagues outside the EU/EEA, for which the colleague does not have access to the system. In that case, the Recruiter concerned will pass on the CV and letter by email. The same process will be followed if an external party (such as a customer of CEVA Logistics) is involved in the recruitment process. An external party is not given access to the system, but will be sent the CV/letter after permission from the candidate has been requested and received. This will only be done if the candidate gives his or per permission.

8. Your rights.

Under the GDPR, data subjects have the following rights regarding their personal data:

  • 1)     Right of access
  • 2)     Right to rectification of incorrect personal data
  • 3)     Right to erasure ('Right to be forgotten')
  • 4)     Right to object to the processing of your personal data to an official authority. If you work in Belgium, this is the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Commissie voor de Bescherming van de Persoonlijke Levenssfeer, CBPL) and if you work in the Netherlands it is the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP).

9. Contact

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please call the Benelux Center of Services on +31 (0)345 545 352.