No obstacle too big!

16 October 2019

Beginning October, 6,000 enthusiastic participants were once again at the start of the 7th edition of the Harbour Run. Like previous years, the Harbour Run took place in the famous port of Rotterdam. The participants were guided over a beautiful and challenging track. They ran across harbor areas, across quays, past ships and containers, and encountered no fewer than 29 obstacles along the way, including the UWT Container Wall XL, Fender Rocks, Fyffes Monkeybars, and the finishing obstacle Quarterpipe.

The starting signal sounded at 11 a.m. This year again a CEVA Logistics team was present. people climbed in ropes and containers, and sandbags were dragged. This is familiar territory for CEVA, because in the port of Rotterdam  many logistic processes are in place. The CEVA Logistics team has yet again delivered a fantastic sportive performance.

Wendy Jongebloet

  • Communications Officer