Started as an intern, now working as a Junior Project Engineer – Samira shares her story…

26 November 2018

Started as an intern, now working as a Junior Project Engineer – Samira shares her story…

Samira Racdu has just started as Junior Project Engineer in Maarssen. Earlier this year, she successfully completed her internship at CEVA Logistics. Before Samira will start her Master Supply Chain Management in September 2019, she takes a gap year to work and to travel. Samira shares her story about working at CEVA Logistics...

What do you do at CEVA Logistics?

From February to June this year, I worked as an intern at CEVA Logistics in Maarssen and did research for one of the clients. My research focused on the lead-time of the inbound and outbound processes in the warehouse. After finishing my research, the opportunity to return to CEVA in the Operations Excellence team as a Junior Project Engineer came along. During my internship I did research for one of our customers, right now I am extending the project to all the customers in Maarssen. I am happy I get to do this project!

What do you like about working at CEVA Logistics?

When I started at CEVA, my colleagues gave me a warm welcome. Everyone supported me with my research and I had the opportunity to participate in different departments. CEVA Logistics was happy with the research I was doing; it was very helpful according to them. That is why they decided to develop the processes and to implement it for the other customers as well. I am very happy with this opportunity. The nice thing about the job is the variety between working in the warehouse ‘on the floor’ and at the office. I talk to the people on the floor and then I go back to the office and use the input for my plan.

What is next, how do you see the next 5 years?

In five years, I have my masters’ degree, hopefully. I would like to do my graduation research at CEVA as well, but at a different location. I look forward to getting to know the other locations as well. I hope that I can continue working at CEVA afterwards, because I really like the organization. Besides studying and working, I love traveling. I dream of making one long trip each year, a trip to Australia is on top of my bucket list, that would be amazing!

Conny Vos

  • Corporate Recruiter