An interesting journey from Warehouse Operator to HR Administrative Employee

31 October 2018

CEVA Logistics wants to offer its employees opportunities to develop themselves. That’s why we tell the story of Agnieszka Cegielska. In 2013 she started at CEVA as a temporary worker and now she has a permanent contract at CEVA Logistics Benelux. After several promotions, she is recently promoted as Employee HR Administrative at CEVA Logistics Benelux in Culemborg.

How did you get into Netherlands?

In 2013 I went from Poland to The Netherlands. My intention was to earn money to go on vacation to Australia. Via EU People, I started working at CEVA Aalsmeer. Initially as a Warehouse Operator. I have done this for two years. Actually the longest possible contract period through EU Jobs possible. The retail customer for which we as CEVA worked went bankrupt, but made a restart. CEVA got this contract and after a short break, I went back to work. As a team, we had a lot of knowledge of the customer and my CEVA Supervisor wanted me to stay. With a group of six we all got a fixed CEVA-contract. Continuity in the workforce and thus in the services delivered to the customer was important and guaranteed by this. After a year, I got a promotion and the possibility to build my own department.

How did you actually end up here at our headoffice in Culemborg?

Every year CEVA organizes a road show, a visit from our Management Team to all our locations in the Benelux, and in doing so, I helped with the preparation of the room. At the end, I met Bart Beeks, Executive Vice President Benelux at CEVA. He told me about the possibilities that CEVA offers and he gave me the feeling that I am worth it. For me this was an important positive incentive. It gave me confidence and energy. In the end, this also led to my promotion to HR Administrative Employee; I am doing this now for two months. Enough challenges for me to go for. I love to work in a dynamic environment and like to get to know new people. My knowledge of the Dutch language is not sufficient, I have to be sharp and that helps. I see enough opportunities for improving the processes and can take action to do so; this is what I really like.

What do you do in your spare time?

In Poland, I have done a study as Interior Designer. In my spare time, I like to make pictures. I am a very creative person who likes challenges. Moreover, that vacation to Australia is becoming reality soon as well. The planning is to go to Australia in February 2019. I really like The Netherlands. I choose to go to Australia after I have built my life here in Holland. Now we are building a wooden house in Poland, which we want to rent out. Young people often look for a cheap location in Poland. We would like to help them with that. It is as if we build a bridge between Holland and Poland. I am living my dream and CEVA has meant a lot to me and made things possible. Many chances are offered to me by CEVA. The future looks very positive; if there are opportunities then I would like to go for it. I can recommend CEVA to anyone!

Anneke van der Wilt

  • Communications Manager