Our core values

28 July 2016

In the Benelux we have four core values:

  • ‘We drive perfection’
  • ‘We are passionate team players’
  • ‘We trust and respect people’
  • ‘We have the power to deliver’

These four values describe how we want to work; as CEVA, as a team and as an employee/a colleague.

How do we use our values?
The values define what clients can expect from us and what we can expect from each other. And were we – everyone personally – accountable.That’s the way how are values are a unifying element. A solid foundation from which we structured, as a team, to reach our goal. Together we grow!

Do you recognize yourself in our core values? Then CEVA is maybe the organization for you! Check our career opportunities and see if there are any jobs that match your profile and wishes. 

Pauline Schut

  • Recruitment Officer