Read more about the internship of Walter Versteeg - from Intern to Lean Agent

08 July 2016

I started at CEVA as an intern and I am now working as a Lean Agent for our locations in Den Haag, Schiphol-Rijk and Amsterdam since 2015. I did both my research internship and my graduation internship at CEVA. The different experiences during the internships helped me to become the young professional I am today. Interested in my story? Continue reading!

Research internship
In 2014 I started my internship in Roosendaal. During this internship I conducted a research in which I analyzed logistic processes for different customers. I wrote an improvement proposal for CEVA, which they used as a starting point for further development. How cool is that?! With my desk in the middle of the operation I was able to observe everything that went on in the warehouse. The team I worked with and my supervisor where always helpful. They gave me the opportunity to reflect on my progression and learn a lot of new skills. This resulted in a good overall grade for the internship at CEVA.

Graduation Internship
The location of CEVA in Roosendaal left me with a positive feeling about CEVA, that’s why I wanted to do my graduation internship at CEVA as well. This was possible in Maarssen, starting from September 2014.  For this internship I created an automatized KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard using Excel. Mainly because of this it is now possible to see whether a target KPI has been successful. During the creation of dashboards for 6 different customers, the Contract manager was my supervisor. With him I evaluated my work every week and he gave me good feedback on my thesis. This resulted in an A for my graduation thesis and internship. After my internship CEVA gave me the opportunity to implement the dashboards. During the implementation I learned a lot of things, amongst them how to better communicate with all the different people in the organization. The customers where I implemented the dashboards are still working with them, awesome!

Working in as a starter
In January CEVA gave me the opportunity to start my working life at CEVA. In Den Haag the vacancy of Lean Agent was vacant, exactly the position I wanted to work after my studies. After my application and multiple interviews they called me with good news, I got the job! One and a half year later I’m still working at CEVA and I’m learning more than ever.

Internships at CEVA
I can recommend CEVA to everyone who’s looking for an internship. The informal culture, combined with the friendly and helpful colleagues make it a good organization to start your professional career. If this story made you enthusiastic about an internship at CEVA, take a look at the different internships. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Stijn Groot per email or give him a call on +31 345 545 202.