The Harbour Run with CEVA!

09 October 2017

On October 8th, 20 employees of CEVA Logistics showed their athletic side. Colleagues of Freight Management operations Rotterdam and Schiphol competed as a team in the Harbour Run in Rotterdam. They ran a trail of 10 kilometers where they needed to conquer 33 obstacles on their way. For example, climbing into robes and over containers, crawling on the ground and dragging sandbags. 

Every year the Harbour Run takes place in the harbour of Rotterdam and this year was the fifth edition. The accomodation is not an unknown area for CEVA, because there are a lot of logistic processes in the harbour of Rotterdam. There were also many other logistic organisations who took part with a team, so CEVA could not stay behind. It was a great and sportive day!

Dorien Saur

  • Intern Communication